Customer Care Accelerator (CCA) for CRM 2011 (Part 1 – Installation)

I have been playing around with CCA for quite some time now for few of my recent projects. So just thought of sharing some of my learnings. Will try to cover as much as possible in different parts. For the part 1 let us start with the installation.

The first step to which is to download it. We can get the CCA components from the market place.

Which would be file which we need to extract. It will have one more cab file in it. which also needs to be extracted.

It will contain following files and folders in it

Open the Accelerator folder and execute run the 32 bit or 64 bit Customer Care Accelerator exe.

It would have following files and folders in it.

Open the source code folder and open the Agent Desktop solution therein.

If we try to build the solution it will fail as it would be expecting references to certain assemblies that will be missing

To get those assemblies open the UII folder and run the executable inside.

The executable will install the following folders

The Framework folder will contain all the required assemblies.

Replace the CRM 2011 dlls with the latest one otherwise we would face authentication errors.

Here download the hotfix for CCA and replace the following assemblies in the framework folder

Add the required references to the projects in the AgentDesktop Solution.

There is one assembly Microsoft.Practices.CompositeUI.Windows which we can get from the following url

Adding references to it will let us finally build the solution.

Next import the following solutions and the csv files in the CRM organization.

Once the import is successful, open the Microsoft.Crm.Accelerator.Cca.RIConfigLoader.exe of the solution just built.

Create a new connection.

For CRM Service URL, specify the discovery service url and check CRM Online if connection to the Online instance.

Once connected Click Deploy

Create a TEMP folder on the C Drive which Agent Desktop will user for logging.

Next open the AgentDesktop.exe.config and specify the connection information.

And Run the AgentDesktop.exe.

Hope it helps.